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Rhino Solar & Renewables

We Don’t Charge The Earth

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Rhino Solar

Rhino Solar is a significantly sized, family run solar panel installation company, that care about the environment & our customers. We have an ethical approach to everything that we do and believe in treating our customers and their homes how we would treat our own.

Rhino Solar Reward Scheme

Rhino Solar relies heavily on the recommendations that we receive from our wonderful customers.

To show are gratitude for these recommendations we have introduced a lucrative rewards incentive for customers that introduce their friends and family to us.

Rhino Solar rewards scheme

Adopt a Rhino Scheme

For every solar panel system sold we adopt a Rhino with WWF.

The Rhino is a species seriously struggling to survive.

Relentless poaching for their horns and loss of their natural habitats, has led to a catastrophic fall in rhino numbers.

Climate change plays a big part in the struggle faced by the entire Rhino species, we should all be doing our bit to help combat climate change.

So Many Reasons To Go Solar

1. Installing solar panels benefits the environment.

2. Substantially reduce or even eliminate your electricity bill entirely.

3. Installing solar panels with battery storage helps protect your home from power cuts and allows you to store energy for night time usage.

4. Increase the value of your home.

5. Get a tax free index linked inflation proof income for 20 years.

6. The average PV system will save around 23 tonnes of CO2 Over 25 Years

7. Protect your home from rising energy costs.

Solar Panel Technology Has Evolved

  • Solar Panels now look much better than they used to.

  • The savings have increased dramatically due to the introduction of battery storage.

  • New manufacturing processes mean that solar panels are now ┬ámore affordable than ever.

  • Solar panels are now smaller and produce more energy (especially in low light conditions)